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Promotion from one geup to the next can proceed rapidly in some schools, since schools often allow geup promotions every two, three, or four months. Students of geup rank learn the most basic techniques first, and then move on to more advanced techniques as they approach first dan. Many of the older and more traditional schools often take longer to allow students to test for higher ranks than newer, more contemporary schools, as they may not have the required testing intervals. View Taekwondo belt levels »

Taekwondo Preschool Whirl Kick 720º

Whirl Kick 720º

( 720도 돌개차기 / 720º dolgae-chagi )

A kick (차기 chagi) is a physical strike using the foot, leg, or knee. The striker relaxes to the extent possible during the strike, tensing the muscles of much of the body only at the time of impact, then relaxing again to recoil the striking part. Relaxation enables the strike to achieve the greatest possible velocity during travel, while rigidity at impact allows the maximum transfer of force.

Difficulty Level:   Advanced      Technique: Kick ( 차기 chagi )

A derivative of the 360 kick is the 720 kick. The mechanics to 720s are all but identical to 360s. The only real difference is that the amount of torque and height needed to execute a 720 is greater than that necessary for a 360. Although the name implies 720 degrees of rotation, the move is usually done with approximately 540 degrees of rotation. This happens cause the tricking terms often count the step in part of the move as actual rotation. The 720 also has some variants.

720 Crescent

Also known as simply a 720, this is very similar to a 360 gyro in that the degree of rotation is the same. The main difference is that the spinning is executed first, then kick is thrown out (which is normally a hook kick due the smaller amount of rotation needed). Many tricksters execute a Cheat 720 or a 540 wheel in place of this move due to the extra amount of rotation needed.

720 Double

The distinguishing feature to this move is that the crescent and/or hook kick is thrown twice, once after the during the first rotation of 360 degrees and another during the last rotation. Because the kick is thrown with the same leg, the difficulty of this move comes from retracting the leg towards the body just enough to throw the second kick.

720 Triple

Three kicks are executed much like a 720 double. The third kick is actually added in between the two from the 720 double. After the first kick is thrown, the opposite leg will throw either a crescent or roundhouse kick. This is then followed by the second hook kick. The order and appearance of the kicks is very comparable to those of a 540 triple. The main and definitively distinguishing feature is that a 720 triple's take off is done by jumping off of both legs.






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kick (차기 chagi) is a physical strike using the foot, leg, or knee. As the human leg is longer and stronger than the arm, kicks are generally used to keep an opponent at a distance, surprise him or her with their range, and inflict substantial damage. On the other hand, stance is very important in any combat system, and any attempt to deliver a kick will necessarily compromise one's stability of stance. For more information View Taekwondo Kicks (차기 chagi) »


Risk of injury can be reduced by completing an effective warm up consisting of a heart raiser to get your pulse up, followed by sport specific dynamic stretches (stretches whilst moving). Please follow the guidance of a certified Master Instructor or trainer when doing sports related activities. Depending on the intensity of the exercise, cooling down can involve a slow jog or walk, or with lower intensities, stretching can be used. Cooling down allows the heart rate to return to its resting rate. View more information on Warming Up and Cooling Down ».

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