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About Taekwondo Strikes

When you reach senior belt you are expected to guide the junior belts when they are beginning Taekwondo such as showing by example. To advance from one rank to the next, students typically complete promotion tests in which they demonstrate their proficiency in the various aspects of the art before a panel of judges or their teacher.

Wrist Punch ( 주먹 지르기 jumeok jireugi )

Fist Punch

( (주먹) 지르기 (jumeok) jireugi )

Difficulty Level:  Beginner

A punch is a striking blow with the closed fist. A strike commonly performed in karate, kung fu, and taekwondo, originating from a "chambered" position. A fist is an action where a hand has the fingers curled into the palm and the thumb retracted, displaying the knuckles. Strikes should generally be thrown with some measure of shifting body weight supporting the blow, as opposed to just the striking with the fist. Strikes should aim for a point 4–6 inches (10–15 cm) behind the target surface, to impart the most energy into the target. The striker in combat should attempt to strike through the target area, not just contact the surface. Strikers generally exhale as the strike nears the target. Breath control is also important to relax the body when not attacking; novice strikers often waste significant energy because they are tense at inappropriate times.

Fight 100% says "more than 90% of the people actually don't know how to make a fist correctly", and adds that correct formation means the user "won't break [their] hand", "won't strain their wrist", will "be able to launch very powerful punches", and "be able to knock someone out in one punch". The act of creating a fist is known as "making a fist" or "clenching a fist".

  • Low Punch ( 아래 지르기 arae jireugi )
  • Middle Punch ( 몸통 지르기 momtong jireugi )
  • High Punch ( 올려 지르기 olgul jireugi )
  • Double Punch ( 몸통 두번 지르기 dubeon jireugi )



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