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About Taekwondo Stance ( 서기 sogi )

When you reach senior belt you are expected to guide the junior belts when they are beginning Taekwondo such as showing by example. To advance from one rank to the next, students typically complete promotion tests in which they demonstrate their proficiency in the various aspects of the art before a panel of judges or their teacher.

Overlapped Hand Posture

Overlapped Hand Posture

( 겹손준비 Gyeopson-junbi )

Difficulty Level:  Advanced      Technique: Stance ( 서기 sogi )

This stance has both hands overlapped across each other in the shape of a cross. The left hand palm is on top of the right hand. Leave about a fist size distance between the hands and lower stomach ( danjung  / abdominal area ). The center of gravity is evenly distributed to both legs. Your body is in an upright standing position with the legs side by side, heels touching, toes slightly apart. This is an advanced ready posture used in the 4th dan poomse 'Pyongwon' of World Taekwondo Federation style. This is a form of Ready Posture ( junbi-jase 준비자세 ).



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