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Promotion from one geup to the next can proceed rapidly in some schools, since schools often allow geup promotions every two, three, or four months. Students of geup rank learn the most basic techniques first, and then move on to more advanced techniques as they approach first dan. Many of the older and more traditional schools often take longer to allow students to test for higher ranks than newer, more contemporary schools, as they may not have the required testing intervals. View Taekwondo belt levels »

Supported Downward Block

Supported Downward Block

( 거들어 내려막기 kodureo naeryeo makgi )

Difficulty Level:  Intermediate      Technique: Blocks ( 막기 makgi )

This blocking technique you make a low block ( 아래막기 area makgi ) with the other hand supporting to block the lower body with hand fists. The blocking hand starts from shoulder level with the fist up while you stretch the other hand far from the waist with the fist facing downward at shoulder height level. In the final form, the blocking arm's elbow and the supporting hand should not be touching each other. The front blocking hand is set above the thigh roughly two fist's gap and the supporting hand is placed one fist below the solar plexus with the wrist aligned to the center of body. Remember to keep the wrists straight.




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