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When you reach senior belt you are expected to guide the junior belts when they are beginning Taekwondo such as showing by example. To advance from one rank to the next, students typically complete promotion tests in which they demonstrate their proficiency in the various aspects of the art before a panel of judges or their teacher. View Taekwondo belt levels »

Knife Hand Inward Strike

( 손날 안치기 sonnal-an-chigi )

Difficulty Level:  Intermediate      Technique: Strikes ( 치기 chigi )

'Sonnal' is the Taekwondo name for a move similar to the 'Karate Chop', i.e. where an open hand is hammered down to make impact with the underside. In taekwondo a knifehand strike is executed by striking with the muscle at the side of the hand located between the base of the small finger and the wrist (abductor digiti minimi). It is used as both an offensive and defensive technique and can be executed as a high, low, middle, side, inward, outward, rising or circular strike. Use of this technique as both a strike and block is featured prominently in many of the WTF Taegeuk Poomse. These are commonly made to the side of the neck (sonnal mok an chigi). A Ridge Hand is the opposite, where the top of the open hand strikes.

Suitable targets for the knife hand strike include the mastoid muscles of the neck, the jugular, the throat, the collar bones, the 3rd vertebra (key stone of the spinal column), the upper arm, the wrist (knife hand block), the elbow (outside knife hand block), and the knee cap (leg throw). The striker relaxes to the extent possible during the strike, tensing the muscles of much of the body only at the time of impact, then relaxing again to recoil the striking part. Relaxation enables the strike to achieve the greatest possible velocity during travel, while rigidity at impact allows the maximum transfer of force.

  • naeryeo-chigi ( 내려찍기 ) - Downward Chop
  • an-chigi ( 안찍기 ) - Inward Chop
  • ap-chigi ( 앞찍기 ) - Forward Chop
Knife Hand Inward Strike ( 손날 안치기 sonnal-an-chigi ) Knife Hand Inward Strike ( 손날 안치기 sonnal-an-chigi ) Knife Hand Inward Strike ( 손날 안치기 sonnal-an-chigi )


Most Kukkiwon 국기원 schools will use the poomse taegeuk whereas a few schools will use the poomse palgwe. The meanings, trigrams and symbols are shared by both poomse taegeuk and poomse palgwe, however the sequence of movements is different. The first 8 forms of the set of poomse differ from each other, whereas the last 9 forms (Black Belt forms) of the set are shared between the two sets. All students studying in World Taekwondo (WT) Kukkiwon style must learn these forms, or taegeuk, to advance to a higher belt level. There are eight taegeuk forms, each one similar to the previous one, but each time with more complicated techniques to display the students' mastery of the techniques learned during lessons, as well as the ability to interconnect these techniques.

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